SPF, which means Sender Policy Framework, is an e-mail security system, which is designed to validate whether an e-mail message is sent by an authorized server. Employing SPF protection for a domain name will stop the forging of email addresses created with the domain. In layman's terms: activating this attribute for a domain name creates a specific record in the Domain Name System (DNS) which includes the IP addresses of the servers which are permitted to send emails from mail boxes using the domain. As soon as this record propagates globally, it will exist on all the DNS servers that direct the Internet traffic. When some email message is sent, the first DNS server it uses checks whether it comes from an accredited server. When it does, it is forwarded to the destination address, yet when it doesn't originate from a server indexed in the SPF record for the domain, it's discarded. In this way nobody will be able to mask an e-mail address then make it look as if you're e-mailing spam. This method is also identified as email spoofing.

SPF Protection in Cloud Website Hosting

The SPF protection feature is available by default with each cloud website hosting package that we offer and you will be able to use it without difficulty to secure the emails for each domain hosted in your account. The service is managed through the Emails section of the hi-tech, and intuitive Hepsia Control Panel. All it takes to enable the protection is to type in the IP address of the e-mail server plus its hostname - mail.server.com, for instance. When the protection is active, only this server will be able to send out email messages from email addresses made under the domain name that you have selected. Your e-mails may be taken care of by some other company, but if we manage them together with your website, you can activate an option for email messages to be sent only if the domain features our MX records. This selection will provide you with superior protection as solely our server will be approved to send email messages from your mailboxes and you will have improved control. When you have any questions or if you have any kind of difficulties with this service, you can contact our technical support team at any time and they will help you without delay.

SPF Protection in Semi-dedicated Hosting

If you host your domains in a semi-dedicated server account with us, you can use the SPF protection feature as a part of the conventional group of services that you'll get with this kind of web hosting. Enabling the protection requires just a couple of easy steps within the Hepsia Control Panel, thus even if you've never used this kind of function before, you will not have any type of problems. Employing an exceptionally time and effort saving interface, you will only have to insert the information of the mail server which will be permitted to send messages from your email addresses - its hostname (mail.server.com) and IP address (IPv4 or IPv6). The moment the newly made record propagates, no one will be able to forge any e-mail address for that particular domain name and send out e-mail messages from a server different from the one you've entered. This does not specifically have to be our mail server, but when we manage your email messages, you'll be able to activate an extra level of protection by choosing an option that emails can be send from addresses @your-domain.com only if the domain employs our MX records. Our tech support staff can assist you 24/7 if you have any kind of questions related to this service.